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VICTORPLAY TOKEN the future of virtual money
VICTORPLAY Token has prepared services that answer to players’ needs,
such as sport prediction game, sport information platform, and expert preview.


Transfers are available from the EXCHANGES

  • STEP 01

    Sign Up
    Sign up on the VICTOR website.
  • STEP 02

    Enter the Ethereum sending address and quantity and press the apply button
  • STEP 03

    Please make sure to deposit the correct amount of Ethereum that you applied for at this address.
  • STEP 04

    Receive Token
    After the IEO finishes, the amount of Ethereum that you deposited + periodical bonus will be deposited into your Victor wallet (sequential deposit)
  • STEP 05

    Fast and free transaction
    In the future, deposit / withdrawal / remittance will be available at the exchange.


Reliable sport prediction gaming platform based on blockchain technology.

We launched the VICTOR project, a system that allows all users around the world to safely enjoy sport prediction game beyond national or borders. The VICTOR project enables a more secure sports prediction game with a transparent blockchain based system.

Users can enjoy sport prediction content through official platform, and the system encrypts the specific contents of transactions and link them into block form. Then system automatically validate the authenticity of the transaction through blockchain technology on a cloud system.
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Information & prediction game

In addition to prediction games, our services provide sports information forum, personal blog posts, and tokens exchange.

Only transaction free

All transactions are recorded in the blockchain format and are approved through the verification process.

27 years

VICTORPLAY token has 27 years experience in providing sports information.

Fair and Safe

Our token technology is based on Bitcoin which emphasis on security.

Player VS player

The prediction game is done between user to user, so the odd could be as high as agreed between users.

Safe & Fast wallet

A VICTORPLAY token wallet is given to each player account, and player can transferred tokens to the exchange or anywhere they want.


Service will start within one month after IEO. Mobile ver: The service is available after IEO.


Token Distribution

Fund Allocation



Prediction Game
VICTORPLAY Token allows users to access and participate in popular sports contents around the world. Our company offers a platform for players to compete with each other. So when a player is right, they can take their tokens at a much higher dividend rate.
Sports Community Platform
VICTORPLAY TOKEN offers sports games as well as sports related information. Sharing individual and expert opinions is also available for our users. For those who have more than a certain amount of tokens, big data-based game forecasting will be provided from us.


A Complete Sports Platform
VICTORPLAY TOKEN uses proof of work and consensus technology, which is the core of block chain technology and addresses reliability and transparency issues among users using contents.
The specifics of mock battles and sales information are encrypted, connected in a block form and stored across the cloud system to give confidence to users using the VISTA Token.

VICTORTOKEN uses distributed smart transaction technology to automatically implement dividend payments without interference from anyone.


    Anthony Abunassar
    Ex Goldman IEO advisor based in Malta. Investor and crypto currency expert and enthusiast. Offering protection against future regulation in the World #1 location for any IEO wishing to secure their long term success with regulatory protection.
  • CMO
    Roman Imboden
    Roman is an experienced manager in FMCG industries (Unilever). With an MBA in international business. He has strengthened his practical entrepreneurial skills through practical in negotiation, economic forecasting, strategic sourcing and manufacturing.
  • CTO
    David Wainwright
    David has been investing into crypto based projects for over 5years. He was an early investor in ETH, FUN, CHIP, BNB & NetplayTV, HollywoodTV, MINEHAUS & ICOTV. David has advised the European Parliament (DGIV) the Korean Government (KIPA) on digital entertainment.
    Brian Jung
    MR.jung practices in areas of business/commercial consulting of legal part. His exposure to Malta’s upcoming blockchain legislation from the early stages and solid knowledge make Mr.jung a valuable and inseperable part of Victorplay token edge in the blockchain field. he is fluent in English and korean is the head of legal department of the firm.
    Madara Pauga
    Madara is a marketing guru PhD in FMCG, aviation and global brands. She is interested in organizational behavior in technology interaction. Currently doing research on technology based communication effects on employee satisfaction and influential factors.
    Julius Bahr
    Dirk is IT security specialist Dirk is an IT security specialist who started his career 2004 at Siemens germany. He strengthened his technological knowledge by moving through several industry leading company across Europe. Dirk also became a crypto enthusiast in early 2014 and leading company one of the most valuable knowledge source.
    Giovanni Casagrande
    Giovanni is notable blockchain industry figurehead, growth hacker and he is a co- Founder of Black Marketing Guru, a digital marketing and advertising startup based in Rimini, Italy. He is also an Icobench Top40 Expert and advisor in a lot of projects.
    Sydney Ifergan
    Sydney has 20+ years commercial experience and has spent the last 10 years working in the online marketing arena and was the CMO for a large brokerage. In recent years, he has been consulting to various brokerages globally on their online marketing and the utilization of technology to improve their results.
    Alina Asadchaya
    VK and Social media expert with significant outreach into the dominant Russian crypto market. Crypto marketing expert and enthusiast. Fluent Russian, English. Alina will help you with any questions about IEOs in Europe and Russia and draws on her knowledge from Elephant360.
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